You already spend too much time on administrative tasks – but new federal regulations require that you begin tracking and tracing additional data. We anticipated this problem, and designed a cost-effective solution that streamlines workflow to maximize your time doing what you enjoy – providing patient centered care.


InfiniTrak aggregates all your track and trace data and compliance processes in one simple cloud-based solution. If there is an issue with track and trace data, the step by step due diligence process – along with all of your other information - is at your fingertips. Your information, where you need it, when you need it – and in full compliance with the DSCSA track and trace regulations.


Your trading partners manage vast quantities of customer data every day. And with the new regulations, you need access to your data almost immediately. InfiniTrak aggregates all your data, from any number of trading partners, in one place - at your fingertips!


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If you are a member of one of our affiliated organizations you may be eligible for special pricing related to your membership. Your Affiliation Code is provided by your affiliated state association or buying group.

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